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An Update on Little Raekie the Elephant

By Adine Roode Sunday 3 March 2019 The past few weeks have been challenging at the Jabulani orphanage. Our Jabulani carers and HESC curators have had to pull out all the necessary stops to pull Raekie through a difficult time. She has recently endured heavy spills of diarrhea and bacterial infections that we have been fighting with very specific antibiotics, as the bacterial infection is resistant to some antibiotics. Of…
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Update on orphaned elephants Raekie and Mopane – February 2019

Four months have passed by since little Raekie, an orphaned elephant, arrived at HESC, having been found wandering on her own in the Imfolozi Game Reserve. She was estimated to be two months old and weighed 90Kg’s. Although her circumstances were terribly sad, it was extremely fortunate timing for both her and Mopane that they had a chance to be company for one another at HESC. Two elephants calves that…
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Mopane has a new friend – HESC provides sanctuary to a second orphaned elephant.

A “Rae” of serendipity as another elephant calf joins Mopane at HESC. Two months ago, another elephant calf arrived at HESC. We were approached to assist with the baby elephant that had been found wandering on its own, in the Imfolozi Game Reserve in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. It has been so incredibly hard not sharing this news for the past two months, but I was unable to do so…
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