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Rehabilitated rhino poaching survivors, Lion’s Den and Dingle Dell, are released back into the wild.

Five years after two rhinos survived a vicious poaching attack that left them severely injured and a bull dead, they have been returned to the wild. Fully rehabilitated, but dehorned to deter further poaching attacks, they are living testimony of the rehabilitation work the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre (HESC) performs on injured and orphaned animals brought to the Centre. On Monday 3 December, Lion’s Den and Dingle Dell, two white…
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Update on the Baby Bushbuck “Bossie” – November 2018

Six weeks ago,  we shared the news of a baby bushbuck that had been brought in our care at HESC. He arrived at HESC on the 28th September 2018. We are happy to update you that he is doing very well, gained good weight, and becoming a strong young bushbuck. The curators refer to him as “Bossie”.   Bossie’s issues with his stomach have luckily passed, and he is already eating solid…
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