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Share this article…There has been a new and very sweet personality gracing our centre in recent weeks, and we thought it is time that we introduce you to her. We are pleased to introduce you to MILLIE!  Millie is a Thaba Manzi Pedi Lamb, much like Lammie, whom many have grown to love and adore over the past four years. We decided to bring another lamb to HESC, to be a companion to Esme,…
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Rescued Rhino, Esme, goes from Strength to Strength at HESC.

Share this article…Our journey with Esme started 8 months ago, when she arrived at HESC in October 2017, after being rescued from certain death. She was so thin, literally skin and bones, weighing only 50kg, after her mothers milk was not providing her with any nutrients, although she had been suckling. Eight months later, and we can proudly say she has become a strong and healthy young rhino, and although she…
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New baby rhino, Esme, arrives at HESC – 10 October ‘17

Share this article… Yesterday evening we welcomed a new baby rhino. Thankfully, this time it was not a case of poaching; however, she needed to be rescued immediately from a situation that could have potentially turned dire without human intervention. A game farm contacted HESC a few days ago, after they had noticed that the calf was not putting on weight but instead losing weight even though she was suckling…
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