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Rescued Rhino, Esme, goes from Strength to Strength at HESC.

Share this article…Our journey with Esme started 8 months ago, when she arrived at HESC in October 2017, after being rescued from certain death. She was so thin, literally skin and bones, weighing only 50kg, after her mothers milk was not providing her with any nutrients, although she had been suckling. Eight months later, and we can proudly say she has become a strong and healthy young rhino, and although she…
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Rhino Update

Share this article…Rhino Update When entering the word “Rhino” into Google, some suggestions pop up like, “Are rhinos mean?”. As with most animals, when not unhinged they are not mean. In fact, their poor eyesight is to blame for what could interpreted as being short-tempered and aggressive. White-rhinos, especially, will charge first and assess the situation afterwards. If you have ever visited for the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre (HESC) you…
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What does it take to keep a rhino?

Share this article…Apart from being one of the most adorable animals in the world (to some at least) it is important to note that looking after a rhino and its daily needs can get expensive. Various factors need to be considered when compiling an expense report of what you might spend on any animal. Besides from being fed and given a bed, there are other expenses like medical care that …
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De-horning Rhinos at HESC

Share this article…Rhinos are being poached at an alarming rate of three a day.  HESC is currently de-horning their Rhinos to halter the temptation and keep poachers at bay. Rhino horn is now worth more than gold. Here are general questions and facts about HESC de-horning 1. Why are rhinos de-horned at HESC? We de-horn our rhinos to try and deter poachers from targeting the centre.  We are public with…
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Make some noise for our trumpets and horns

Lions Den and Dingle Dell the survivors

Share this article…South Africa – our country, our land. It is such a beautiful country to reside in with fields of nature enveloping the soil and creating rich forests for all our animals. Our country boasts with the biggest, most robust animals – like the elephant and rhinoceros – which leave you feeling mediocre in comparison to their size. Even the smallest creatures have to be admired for the incredible…
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