Junior Heroes

We are so very proud of our young nature conservationists around the world. They continue to inspire us with their dedication to the cause of conservation of endangered species and are an example to us all about how far passion and commitment can go.

Here are just a few of our JUNIOR HEROES who are deserving of fair mention due to the incredible work they have done.



Phoebee Iris Roberts is our Junior Hero! This young lady donated R1000 towards the Rescued Rhinos @ HESC. We are so impressed by this aspiring young nature conservationist, already making a difference.



A 13 year old student at Scotch Oakburn College in Tasmania, Australia.

Scotch Oakburn College is part of the Round Square Organisation which held their conference in South Africa in April this year.  As part of their pre- conference tour they visited HESC and then presented HESC with the cheque.

He was always interested in Cheetahs and know they are almost endangered in the wild, he wanted to help in any way he could.


Caitlin Barber arrived at the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre with
her school, King Henry VII.

Upon their arrival, Caitlin gave the centre a cheque of 410 Pounds as
contribution to the conservation of our precious wildlife.

Caitlin Stated the following:
” I raised the money for the centre by walking 20 miles on the south Wales
3 peaks challenge.”


A remarkable feat for a young girl of 7 years. Sacha Bray and her mom visited us at the Centre yesterday. Sacha, seen here with Admin Manager, Anneli Lubbe decided to raise money for the rhinos by going around the neighborhood where she lives in GreyPark, Johannesburg. Thank you Sacha, your donation is appreciated and we need more people like you!


Kate adopted the cheetah, Toffee. Click here to read the sweet letter she wrote to Mrs. Roode.


 Kit Smith is an extraordinary young man who is not only a budding author but also a committed conservationist.

Following a recent trip to South Africa, he wrote a book and sold copies to fellow conservationists to raise funds towards the endangered and vulnerable animals of the HESC. Kit raised GBP 26.00, and sent a cheque to us as his way of helping out.

Thank you Kit! You have impressed us, and humbled us immeasurably.

We look forward to reading more of your books in the future!

Click here to read Kit’s fascinating account.


This amazing group of children single-handedly raised € 305,21 by making goods that they could sell to their community. They printed flyers for their cause and set up a stand to communicate what they were doing. They are all between the ages of 10 and 3!

Their goal was to adopt a cheetah, but their hard work and dedication meant that they raised enough to adopt two!

We are so proud of you all! Well done for your hard work and initiative….

Our young heroes at their stand, with the flyers that they made.

Some of the goodies that the kids made to raise funds.


Anrich is a determined young man of 10 … He visited the HESC during the July school holidays earlier this year and decided that he wanted to adopt a cheetah. His grandmother pledged that she would donate R150.00 for every school subject in which he achieved over 85%.

On Saturday the 8th November, Anrich realised his goal. He earned sterling results and has managed to now get his Junior Adoption certificate.

He has also pledged that he will over the next few years raise enough to be able to fully and exclusively adopt a cheetah for a full year. We believe that he will do it!

Anrich has decided that he wants to become a vet one day. We could imagine no better candidate for a job like this.

Well done Anrich!


John prepared a very detailed and informative presentation to his class on the cheetah, and how his fellow classmates could adopt one of these animals to help them.

It is uplifting to see how John is lending a hand to spread the word on how endangered species need help.

Thank you John!!!