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De-horning Rhinos at HESC

Rhinos are being poached at an alarming rate of three a day.  HESC is currently de-horning their Rhinos to halter the temptation and keep poachers at bay. Rhino horn is now worth more than gold. Here are general questions and facts about HESC de-horning 1. Why are rhinos de-horned at HESC? We de-horn our rhinos to try and deter poachers from targeting the centre.  We are public with our rhinos…
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G&H Transport and PPC Cement’s continuous act of kindness

G&H Transport has been a friend and partner of the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre (HESC) for many years now. Owners, Jimmy and Heather, first visited the centre over six years ago. It was during this visit that one of our cheetahs, Khula, caught their eye. For her birthday, Heather decided that instead of Jimmy getting her a fancy gift, she would rather adopt Khula. The couple have been Khula’s adoptive…
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