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Raising an elephant

Anyone who has had the privilege to have had children will tell you that raising a baby, is far from easy. Human children need to be fed quality food for continual and optimal growth. A baby elephant is not much different and in many ways caretakers at the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre (HESC) note the same challenges. Arriving at HESC, usually underfed, dehydrated and tired, the very first challenge is…
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Happy feet: Mopane Update

Mopane, the baby elephant at the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre (HESC), is doing extremely well. Arriving at the centre at 78kg, it is heart-warming to report that this little guy now weighs 93kg. Mopane still receives a bottle every 3 hours and is still being cared for around the clock. Dr Johan Marais, CEO of Saving The Survivors and veterinary surgeon, was brought in as consultant when Lions Den and…
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Make some noise for our trumpets and horns

South Africa – our country, our land. It is such a beautiful country to reside in with fields of nature enveloping the soil and creating rich forests for all our animals. Our country boasts with the biggest, most robust animals – like the elephant and rhinoceros – which leave you feeling mediocre in comparison to their size. Even the smallest creatures have to be admired for the incredible roles they…
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