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HESC celebrates World Elephant Day – 12 August 2017

Share this article… Today, 12 August, is World Elephant Day. It’s a day for focusing attention on the plight of the elephant species, and the need for its protection. The escalation of poaching for ivory; habitat loss; human-elephant conflict; and mistreatment of animals in captivity are just some of the threats faced by these gentle giants. Although HESC is not an elephant sanctuary or orphanage; we are dedicated to the conservation…
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Ultrasound performed on Shawu’s trunk

Share this article… A while back Shawu’s carers noticed him frequently stepping on his trunk and also unusually swinging it around or bumping it against objects. We were unsure whether this was just the result of excessive itching or whether something else was bothering him. The initial treatment procedure was conservative, and he was put on antibiotics, additional vitamins and treated symptomatically. Just when we thought he was getting better…
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