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Make some noise for our trumpets and horns

Lions Den and Dingle Dell the survivors

Share this article…South Africa – our country, our land. It is such a beautiful country to reside in with fields of nature enveloping the soil and creating rich forests for all our animals. Our country boasts with the biggest, most robust animals – like the elephant and rhinoceros – which leave you feeling mediocre in comparison to their size. Even the smallest creatures have to be admired for the incredible…
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Update on the rhinos

Share this article…Lion’s Den and Dingle Den It has been a while since we updated you on how our rhinos are doing. We are happy to report all is well, and they are happy and healthy! Lion’s Den and Dingle Dell were moved from their previous enclosure to one that is full of undisturbed grass, ideal for their grazing. Gertie and Matimba Gertjie and Matimba are still side-by-side, and neither…
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Anti-Poaching Unit (APU) at HESC

Share this article… Rhino poaching is one of the most significant conservation issues currently facing South Africa and it is showing no signs of slowing. The number of rhino poaching victims that have arrived at HESC over the past few years is a clear indication of just how rife the vicious attacks on this species is. As a result of poaching and in an effort to save the rhino from…
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