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Horns at HESC

The Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre (HESC) is, to many, a paragon of what conservation encompasses. It focuses on the conservation of rare, vulnerable and endangered animal species and Cheetah Conservation is one of its core disciplines. It is however not their only discipline. Earlier this month a new initiative was initiated, namely: Trumpets and Horns – which draws focus, once again, to the impact human greed has on animals. To…
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The Sable Antelopes’ feeding trough; more than meets the eye

Many of our guests often wonder about the weird-looking structure with hanging ropes in our Sables’ enclosure. This is a feeding trough, used also as a parasite control mechanism. Over the years game farmers have tried and tested several methods to efficiently control external and internal parasites in captive animals. We did our own research and visited a dear friend and experienced Sable farmer, Mr. Vorster who lives in the…
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