A big ‘thank you’ to Pack for a Purpose

Pack for a Purpose at HESC

Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre (HESC) has been part of Pack for a Purpose for some time. Through this initiative we’ve received much-needed items donated by travellers from all over the world. These donated items have an enormous impact on the centre’s ability to contribute towards the needs of the surrounding communities, which are part of our very own community involvement initiatives.

Some of the items we’ve recently received include general school and art supplies, clothing/shoes, kitchen and gardening equipment, medical equipment and supplies, Hesperian health guides, linen, clothing for anti-poaching initiatives, camping supplies and field devices, to mention but a few. These will be distributed to our adoptive schools (Lumukisa Preparatory School and H.H. Thiele Primary), Hlokomela Clinic and the centre as needed.

Learners from Lumukisa

Pack for a Purpose offers travellers an opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to the communities in and around the places they visit. Travellers can use available space in their luggage to bring something as small as a pack of pencils, deflated soccer balls, band-aids, pet supplies, etc. A small gift brings a big smile!

If you are traveling to Hoedspruit at any point and would like to make a contribution to our surrounding community, visit our page on Pack for a Purpose.