A Blue Crane love story – two eggs have just been laid!

We have such exciting news from HESC, this monday morning!
Donsie the female blue crane at HESC, has officially laid two eggs, for the first time. 

Donsie looking very proud with her two new eggs

John and Donsie are our breeding pair of blue cranes at HESC, that visitors can see as they arrive at the centre, as they are close to the entrance. They share their home with Bokkie Bok and Maroela, the duikers.
There are 15 crane species in the world, with three of them being found in South Africa, the Blue Crane, Grey Crowned Crane and the Wattled Crane. Not many people are aware that Blue cranes are the national bird of South Africa.
John and Donsie, a breeding pair of Blue Cranes

Blue cranes are monogamous and will breed only once a year, normally from the age of three or four years. They normally lay two eggs,  just as Donsie has just done, and the incubation period lasts approximately 30 days. Both the male and female blue cranes will partake in the incubation process of the eggs.
Donsie incubating her egss

Normally only one chick will survive, due to sibling aggression, but we will see what happens in the next month or so.
Donsie’s legs by her eggs

Once hatched, it will take between three to five months for the chick to take its first flight. 
Hold thumbs that all goes well for John and Donsie, and in a month from now they will have their first chick together. Keep tuned!