A day in the life of Shawu

Shawu, once found wondering on his own, has made remarkable strides at the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre (HESC). Currently, he is the little elephant with a very big attitude and it is unbelievable to think that a warm blanket once kept him company. That, is no longer the case. Shawu is stretching his legs and fast on his way to becoming the next best thing.
Have you ever wondered what Shawu’s day is like? What an elephant gets up to everyday?
Well, let’s tell you!
Most toddlers are woken up with a bottle, and this little guy is no different.  He usually starts his day at 6 am and wakes up to a bottle of specially formulated milk, amounting to roughly 3.7l. This, he absolutely adores. Shawu is then escorted out to the boma, where he can roam freely. Shawu makes his way for the project dam where he loves to play in the water, splashing around without worry.
Next stop is a Marula tree where Shawu gulps up the marulas that have found their way to the ground. Vast tracts of these trees can be found in South African lowveld and their fruit is food for both humans and animals alike. Now in these very hot conditions, Shawu enjoys walking to the tap where the hosepipe is connected and plays around with it for almost half an hour. This might be one of his most favourite things to do.
Like most children do, Shawu always makes sure that his groom is close by and frequently goes in for a high-five. Shawu’s day ends at 6pm where he is guided back into his boma. He receives his last bottle milk for the day (3.7L as in the morning) before being tucked in.
HESC is a haven for orphaned and sick animals and Shawu is a testimony of such an animal. He has been carefully looked after and cared for. It is and remains, a mission of HESC to rehabilitate and treat all animals brought to the centre.
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