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A quick update on Esme and her movements at HESC the last few weeks:

Esme stepped into something sharp a few weeks ago and has since been treated for an infection.

She is a lot better now but had a to go through a few procedures to make sure the infection did not spread.

Esme’s treatment

She had 3 treatments in the course of 2 weeks.

Esme’s Bandaged Foot

Her foot is looking a little bit better.  We did have to bandage her again after a week as she decided to go play in the center’s dam once the bandages were taken off the first time.

Our vet, Dr.Peter Rodgers, advised that she would have to stay in her boma until her foot is healed so that she doesn’t go swim again or step into something else.

We will keep you posted on her movements.

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The HESC and WCT Team