A special donation from a special group of young ladies


Talia Rosengarten, Simone Lategane and Sitara Pearce are three grade 9 girls who go to St Peters College in Sunninghill Sandton.

On the 19th of September, their school had a derby day. The EMS term project for the grade 9’s was a market day. They had to operate as a normal business and pay rent, buy a trading license and pay tax on their profits (this tax went to one of their school’s outreach programs). These three girls made over 200 beaded bracelets, which were all sold.

All three young ladies are passionate about wildlife, which is why they decided that they would generously donate their profits to our Centre.


Talia, Simone and Sitara love spending time with each other and just having fun. Like many teenage girls, their favourite pastime is window shopping. They are all big on community service and outreach programs, are actively involved in their school outreach program, and spend many weekends either at an orphanage or at the SPCA helping out.

The girls had to say – “We all want to do something that benefits someone or something else, whether its saving a forest, helping a child or saving a life we all want to do something that although we will gain and grow from it, it is not only a personal job.”


“We realised how fortunate we really are and that although it would be nice to have a few extra hundred rand, we really don’t need the money. So instead of wasting it on something stupid we thought we could donate it so it could go to a worthy cause.”

The HESC team is so touched and humbled that these young people are so generous and that they chose our organisation to make this kind donation to.


When asked why they chose us they had this to say – “The reason we chose your organization is that we think what you do is great. Organizations like yours are the reason South Africa will have a brighter future and will still have our environment and all our animals. We are all animal lovers so an animal organization was a must for us. With a big influence from Talia’s mom (who is hooked on your organization and all you do) it turned out to be a no-brainer for our donations.”

The girls have a very special outlook on life and had this final thought to share with us:

“The future of our country depends on our youth and although we are constantly faced with other struggles in our daily lives, the future of or land, people, animals and country is in our hands. It depends on us, we have to make the difference. We are the generation of technology but we need to learn that staring at our phones won’t save anything, if we want to make a difference we must do it… hands on. And even though when we do it, it might not seem like you are doing a lot, it might even seem stupid at the time it might not even seem like you are helping, but doing what you are doing could be the difference between saving our Country and letting it go.”

We are certain that these three will go very far in life. We wish them the best of luck with all their future endeavours!