A tour with a twist; from Conservation to Rhino Art

Rhino Art - HESC
Last month, our friends at Highline Tours brought a group of youngsters, together with their parents, for an educational tour at the centre. However, this was not a regular tour as the young boys and girls got to participate in the Rhino Art initiative too.
The day began with the usual DVD viewing introducing them to HESC, followed by a tour of the centre, where they learned about and got to see some of the work we do. We then proceeded to the Rhino Art lesson, where we handed out the Rhino Art sheets to the children.
Rhino Art - HESC
Upon completion, our Rhino Art participants – Seline Bregman, Emma Tomatis, Martine Le Gulicher, Bennedette Alban, Lisa Woodhouse, Rebbeca Bebbington and Pauline Cox – each received a certification for their participation in this extremely important initiative.
We were thrilled to hear that the kids enjoyed their time with us, and learned a great deal about conservation – specifically relating to rhinos. At times like these, it feels really good to be able to do what we do, as our belief is that our future lies in the hands of our youth.