A visit from PPC Cement CSI group manager


HESC has had a long-standing relationship, spanning several years, with PPC Cement. Last month we had the pleasure of hosting PPC Cement CSI group manager, Mrs. Kabira Akoob, as well as her husband and daughter for a visit to our facilities.

HESC’s facility manager, Mrs. Willa Riekert, showed the group around HESC and Camp Jabulani to see all the work that has been done with the cement that PPC has kindly donated to us.


Over the years PPC has donated countless numbers of cement bags – a 1000 of which were used to build the floor of the Camp Jabulani elephant stables. The concrete floors make it easy to clean and dry the stables, which helps to ensure that the Camp Jabulani elephants are protected from bacteria and infections.

With PPC’s assistance we’ve also been able to build solid walls to protect the rhino bomas from floods.


This past September alone PPC donated 500 bags of cement. We still have a few projects, both at HESC and Camp Jabulani, where these bags of cement will be of great use.

11-mambos-ears 7-1-kariba-jabulani-open-mouth 5-elephant-interaction

While at Camp Jabulani, the family got to meet elephant bulls Mambo and Jabulani and the playful elephants seemed eager to show off their trunks, ears and teeth.

We are very grateful to PPC cement for their support during the past seven years. Their partnership means a lot to us, and our animals. Thank you PPC Cement!

isha-and-jabu open-mouth-jabu mambo