A wedding gift like no other

Helen and Tim Lee

Karen Munro presented her friends, Helen and Tim Lee, with the most unusual but remarkable gift for their wedding. Here is a letter from the happy couple expressing their gratitude:


Just wanted to say how pleased we were with our present from our friend. It is so nice to get a worthwhile present. You do get to an age where you have everything, so something like this is an excellent present. This will in some small way to go towards helping endangered species, which makes it so much more pleasant than the usual wedding toaster!

We’ve always loved Africa, and getting married there was very special. And to have an adopted Wild Dog is just brilliant!

Hope the weather there is lovely… We are currently being flooded here in jolly old England. Perhaps we should also adopt a dolphin, then it can come and stay in our flooded garden!

Carry on the good work HESC!

Helen and Tim Lee

Read more about wild dog adoption and click here to make a donation.