HESC provides exceptional opportunities to experience the African bushveld and an excellent base from which to explore the scenic wonders of the Lowveld. Limited accommodation is available for guests wishing to stay over.

Khula's Cottage

Khula’s is a charming three-bedroom, self-catering wooden chalet built on stilts in a secluded setting in the African bushveld. The chalet overlooks two water holes and the wooden deck offers magnificent views of animals and birds that come to drink, and the prolific and colourful birdlife in the surrounding trees and bush. Reservations include bed and breakfast. 

Sebeka Farmhouse

The farmhouse-style cottage provides comfortable self-catering accommodation in three bedrooms. The area around the house is fenced providing an unspoilt view of animals passing by or grazing, while offering a protected and safe area for children to play and adults to relax. Reservations include bed and breakfast.

Nungu Camp

Nungu Camp is available for wildlife enthusiasts participating in the Wildlife Conservation Experience and for groups seeking rustic, yet comfortable self-catering accommodation in the bushveld. Nungu offers nine round, thatched huts known as rondavels, built in the style of traditional African dwellings.


HESC maintains a strict policy of no contact or interaction with animals kept on the property. Our policy is aligned with international trends based on animal ethics and welfare and is aimed at ensuring the safety and health of both animals and visitors. Our policy further endorses the right of animals to live a life without fear, which is often the consequence of close contact with humans with whom they are not acquainted. We avoid human-imprinting, whereby the animals will identify more with humans than with their own species and cause them to become problem animals once released.