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Ameé Stern – Admin Assistant

Ameé, who mans the front office and works as an admin assistant, has been at the HESC for 2 months now, and feels that it is a blessing to live and work in the bush. It is said that “once you experience the African Bush, it’s like an addiction that you can never get rid of”, and Ameé agrees.

Having grown up in towns in Natal and the Eastern Cape, it has been Ameé’s dream since visiting the bush for the first time to make it her home. Working at HESC is like a dream come true for her. Each morning, as she wakes up to coffee and rusks, she feels the familiar rush of excitement as she sets off in the vehicle, in anticipation of what the new day will bring. Most people only get to spend at most a week or two in the bush, getting to experience a fraction of what she gets to see on a daily basis. She finds it really fulfilling to be able to share what she sees, and to show and educate others about the beauty of the natural world around us.

Ameé is currently studying for her Diploma in Hotel/Lodge Management, and would love to one day own her own lodge or animal rehabilitation and breeding centre.

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