An Update on Dingle Dell

When it was discovered that our younger rhino’s cast had been damaged, a team was once again assembled at the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre to replace Dingle Dell’s cast and to check up on her progress.

After quite a struggle to dart the smaller cow, Dingle Dell was finally anaesthetised and the team immediately began working on removing the cast. A local anaesthetic was injected around the wound to block the nerve supply, and a painkiller was given intravenously.

The results were incredibly positive. After nearly 6 weeks of wearing the protective cast without hassles, Dingle Dell’s wound has nearly completely healed.

A few maggots were found on the wound, but Doctor Rogers did not think that it was anything to be concerned about. The standard procedure was then followed, with the wound being flushed with water and rinsed with F10 and Chlorhexidine disinfectant. The wound was covered with antibiotic spray, over which antibiotic powder was applied to absorb excess moisture.

Over this, a dressing was applied, followed by the replacement cast. As with our older cow, Lion’s Den, a metal plate was placed over the cast and secured with pop rivets and screws, to prevent the rhino from rubbing the cast off when it gets itchy. This time, the metal plate was cut bigger than the wound, and hammered to form a dome over the cast.

Dingle Dell was given Penicillin and dipped to prevent ticks. Once this was completed, the reversal drug was administered to wake the rhino up. She was very quickly up and running.