An update on HESC’s rescued rhinos

Taking care of rhinos is a huge responsibility, as well as financially demanding. We are doing our utmost to ensure that the five rhinos in our custody receive the best possible care. Looking after these animals has been taxing on many fronts, yet seeing the progress they have made on their respective journeys is fulfilling. Here’s an update of how they are doing.


#72 is the latest rhino bull to be have arrived at HESC after having been shot three times. He is not doing so well. Since his arrival on 15th May, he’s had three minor procedures to assist in his wound recovery process. The wounds are draining nicely and are getting better, but this big fellow is unfortunately not in the state we would like to see him in. He has a long road ahead, but we will never lose hope for his full recovery!


The rhino cows Lion’s Den and Dingle Dell are both extremely well. They have formed quite a close bond and are protective of one other. They have developed a fondness for charging vehicles – something that’s uncharacteristic for a white rhino. We have recently moved them into #72’s enclosure to keep him company and to help him by observing how lucerne is eaten, as he hasn’t been feeding well. Hopefully being in the company of two other rhinos will be beneficial to him, and he will eventually regain his strength, taking his health to level it should be.


Gertjie & Matimba are as boisterous as ever. They’ve become aware of their (big) size, which they use to their advantage sometimes. It’s funny how they have a tendency to take over the guides’ parking spot, which forces the guides to move their vehicles in order to avoid scratches. These two even playfully charge at the curators when they take too long with their milk! Lammie, their surrogate mother, always follows behind and protectively watches over them.