An update on Shawu – February 2017

Shawu at HESC

Shawu is doing great, but just like with any infant he requires special care and attention.  There’s actually a lot that could go wrong with a baby elephant, especially considering that he’s not able to feed from his mother and get the nutrients found only in her milk. Although we give him milk formula, this can never replace his mother’s milk and this places him at a slight disadvantage.

Shawu at HESC

Taking care of a baby elephant is demanding in so many ways. However, we are doing everything possibly to ensure that this baby gets all the love and nurturing he needs to grow into a healthy big bull that will do his name justice.

These are just some of the measures we have to take, to give Shawu the care he needs:

  • Keeping the environment around the baby as calm as possible, with minimal human contact to avoid human imprint
  • Only restricted staff to attend to him
  • Daily (sometimes, twice a day) visits from the vet

Dr Rogers
Medicine kit

  • Taking blood glucose counts to measure his energy levels
  • Caretakers from our sister property, Camp Jabulani, work shifts to ensure around the clock observation
  • The keeping a diary that indicates any changes to dung or urine – which is then sent for laboratory analysis to ensure that all is well
  • The caretakers take Shawu for daily walks and caress him when he needs it
  • Our surrogate sheep mother, Lammie, also plays a significant role in keeping Shawu company

Checking Shawu


If you are able to help and would like to make a donation towards the upkeep of this baby elephant, visit our online portal and insert ‘Shawu’ in the comment field.

Feeding time

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  1. Edith Eymer

    Thank you for doing your utmost best for this baby elephant. There is a book written from Daphne (?) for got her surname. She lived in Zambia and had a lot to do with baby elephants. So I read about how much love and attention a baby elephants need, 24/7. She lost one because she had to take care of the wedding for her son. Just for a week or so……The baby died of a broken heart. She could not safe him when she returned home, he stopped eating and was to week already. Of course she was devastated and described her pain and the difficulties to care for them. Thank you for your dedication.

  2. Lori Friedman

    Love this adorable baby. Thank you for all the care you provide and the love. I hope that you talk to him and when you do let him know that millions of people worldwide love him. Maybe he will understand. Elephants are smart!

  3. Sharon

    Shawu is so beautiful! Thank you HESC & mama Lammie for keeping this precious boy healthy, happy, and safe!

  4. Bernie

    Amazing rescue !
    Congratulations to the HESC Team…
    and to Lammie the sheep !

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