April Students – Final Update

HESC - April Students at Camp Jabulani

Shaun and Teresa at Camp Jabulani

In my last week I continued to work hard, and enjoyed every minute of it. The privilege of being so close to the animals will stay with me forever. I experienced a game drive at sundown, learned survival skills for the bush and handled a rifle. We also went on an Elephant Back Safari at Camp Jabulani, which was awesome! We rode Sebakwe (from the Amarula advert), and the naughty babies weaved in and out at the front of the line.

We went to the Bourke’s Luck potholes this weekend. Wow, what a beautiful place. And for my last night, we had a ‘braai‘ at Nungu Camp where I got the opportunity to practice my new ‘sokkie‘ moves! Great fun with great people. On my last day we went to visit the cheetah cubs to say goodbye (for now). I promised to come back and see them again.

Thanks to everyone for making this once in a lifetime trip so much more than a dream come true. I’m honoured to have met you all.

Greetings from Africa,

Teresa 😉

[Shaun Vorster arrived last Tuesday to spend a week at HESC. This is what he had to say about his experience.]


Hi my name is Shaun Vorster. I am 17 years old and I go to St Benedicts college in Johannesburg. In my time at HESC I’ve enjoyed myself thoroughly! I’ve loved working hard and really appreciated the privilege of being so close to these wild animals.

So far I’ve worked in the butchery, and helped to feed the cheetahs and small endangered cats. We also went on a game drive, where we learned many survival tips. The rangers taught us about the many different trees, and explained how they can improve our chances of survival in the bush.

One morning we were fortunate enough to go on an Elephant Back Safari at Camp Jabulani. My best part about it was that we rode on the biggest elephant, who is famous for his role in the Amarula advert.

The one day we also did firearm handling and shot at a target. And on the last night we had a ‘braai‘ with Tabs and Karen, Teresa and all the other staff. We had loads of fun and learnt how to ‘sokkie‘.

The last day we went in to play with the cheetah cubs and the caracals. I think this was one of my best parts of the program. I had loads of fun and will definitely come again! Visit Facebook or Flikr to see more photos of what we’ve been up to.

Thank you Tabs and Karen for your hospitality.

Greetings from Africa

Shaun 😉