April Students – Update 2


Teresa with one of the cheetah cubs

Ed: I don’t know Teresa, that cub looks like a decoy. Didn’t you notice the adult cheetah in the background that was looking at you like lunch had just been served. 😉

I can’t believe it’s my last week already! This weekend we ventured into Kruger National Park, which was awesome. We saw hippos, buffalo, elephant, giraffe, lions and many more. I can’t believe I’ve been to the Kruger as well as working here. I don’t take it for granted how lucky I am – believe me!

I also visited Khamai Reptile Park, where I learned about snakes and even handled some of them. It was a good day despite my lunch being stolen by the monkeys!

Sunday was my day off and I chose to have a lazy one – you know, go out for lunch and hang out with the cheetah cubs! What a perfect day!

On Monday learners from Paulos Ngobeni primary school – the local school that HESC adopted – visited. What a brilliant morning. I gave a lesson to 12 children about cheetahs (with the help of their teachers for interpretation), and then joined them on a mini-tour of the reserve. It was lovely to meet them, and a truly memorable moment when I gave them the big bag of donations. They were hugely appreciative, and thanked me for the people’s generosity. So thanks everyone for your input @Calder Vets (Wakefield & Dewsbury UK). Visit Facebook or Flikr to see more photos of what I’ve been up to.

Greetings from Africa,

Teresa 😉