August Students – Update 3

Kellie with Eddie the Caracal

We’ve had a very busy last few days!

On Friday evening we had the pleasure of meeting Eddie, the baby caracal, for the first time and spent a happy few hours playing with him.

On Saturday morning we went ‘tubing’ on the Sabie River, and a few brave students even jumped off a 15m cliff into the river! Everyone had a really great time.

On Sunday we got up at 04h30 for a surprise trip, which turned out to be a day in the Kruger National Park searching for the ‘BIG FIVE’. We kept our eyes peeled all day, and managed to spot all of them except for the leopard.

However, we were lucky to enough to see two hyenas and a female cheetah with her two cubs so that made up for the fact that we didn’t see any leopards.

On Monday morning we were taken on another surprise excursion, this time to Khamai Reptile Park where we learned all about the different types of snakes and received a crash course in how to treat a snake bite.

Lesson No.1: Don’t get bitten!

We then had the chance to practice Lesson No.1 by holding a Burmese python, a scorpion and a baboon spider.

And finally, Harry narrowly escaped severe injury when a parrot surprised him, sending him flying off his chair in terror.

Can’t wait to see what the last week has in store!

The Group! 😉