August Students – Update 4

Elephant safari at Camp Jabulani

It’s been another busy few days here at the Centre.

On top of butchery duty and feeding the animals, we also had to release the wild cats back into their enclosures. This proved more difficult than it sounded!

We were introduced to traditional South African ‘stokbrood’, and it was a lot more delicious than it’s name led us to believe. The literal translation for ‘stokbrood’ is stick bread, which you have to agree isn’t all that appealing.

As an aside (but of equal importance), we don’t recommend getting peri-peri sauce in your eyes!

We paid a visit to the impressive Echo Caves, which were fascinating and we took in the view from God’s Window. A sight so impossibly beautiful we were all left speechless.

However, the highlight of the week came as a complete surprise on Friday morning. We paid a visit to Camp Jabulani (HESC’s sister company) and were treated to an elephant back safari!

Alessandro cried with happiness when he was introduced to his elephant, Munyati!

On a final note, we’re proud to announce that Gerry used a tin opener for the first time!

We can’t wait to see what our last few days have in store for us!

The Group! 🙂