August/September Students – Final update

HESC-Sunset on Kapama Nature Reserve

Sunset on Kapama Nature Reserve

And just like that three weeks have passed. After being introduced to our latest batch of intrepid adventurers, we journeyed with them through weeks one and two as they met the Centre’s many residents, got their hands dirty while on butchery duty (a rite of passage for every HESC student), went quad biking, enjoyed an elephant back safari, and experienced firsthand the deliciousness of a real South African braai. But all good things have to come to an end, and on Sunday we bid farewell to the group.

HESC-Three Rondawels

The students at Three Rondawels


It’s that time already, time to say goodbye. Our last weekend was definitely an interesting one. On Saturday we took a drive along a lovely scenic route, and then later on we enjoyed a braai with all the HESC staff. Sunday had us saying our final goodbyes to the animals. We also squeezed in some target shooting in the afternoon, and ended the day off with a game drive in Kapama Nature Reserve. What a great experience! Be sure to visit our Facebook or Flikr albums to see our final photos.

Final greetings from Africa