August/September Students – Introduction

Student Programme

Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre (HESC) offers people between the ages of 18 and 35 years the opportunity to experience the Centre in an intensive and hands-on 21-day programme.

It is divided into three main sections: Participation, Conservation and Sight Seeing.

The main focus of the programme is on the cheetah, and throughout their stay participants are involved in the everyday care of these magnificent animals. This includes cleaning, feeding, and where required, assisting with or observing any veterinary activities that may occur during their stay. These same activities also apply to other species being cared for at the Centre. Click here to read more.

New Intake: 16th August – 5th September 2011


Leo Polovets | Grace Nieh | Will Garton | Matthew Brewer | Jeannet Vaage | Geri Young | Laura Davies

We’d barely waved goodbye to the July/August students when our newest intake arrived. They definitely appear to be an interesting and diverse bunch of people. Let’s see how they fair with that most infamous of chores: butchery duty!

Will Garton is from Nottingham, England, where he’s busy studying Veterinary Medicine Geri Young, who is also from the U.K., has just finished her A levels and plans to study Zoo Biology at Nottingham Trent University. Jeanenet Vaage hails from Norway, and says she’ll be starting work as a veterinary nurse when she gets back home. Leo Polovets is a Computer Programmer who travelled all the way from Washington D.C. to visit us. Yet another English lass, Laura Davies is clearly the ‘braniac’ in the group. Having just finished working at Cardiff University where she did a Biology Degree, she’s now about to embark on her quest for a PhD at the University of Warwick. Matt Bruwer is a zookeeper from Monarto Zoo in South Australia. He’s visiting South Africa for 12 weeks so that he can spend time at several different programs in order to gain experience through working with African animals, in particular the cheetah. And finally Grace Nieh came to us from Maryland, USA where she studied Biomedical engineering at USC.

Greetings from Africa 😉