August/September Students – Update 1

HESC-Students feeding the cheetahs

Jeanette, Leo, Grace and Matt off to feed the cheetahs

Can you believe that it’s been whole week since we introduced our new students? Unfortunately we had to say goodbye to Grace and Leo yesterday, as work commitments back in Washington, DC only afforded them a week with us. We still have five students left however, so let’s see what everyone’s been up to since they arrived.


With our first week already under the belt, we have lots to tell about all the exciting things we’ve done so far. We finally know our way around the Centre, and can identify all of its residents (animal and human) on sight. Win!

HESC welcomed two new additions this week. First to arrive was a leopard rescued from unfortunate circumstances, and second was a Bateleur eagle that had flown into electric lines and injured its wing really badly. We had the opportunity to visit the vet when one of the cheetahs cut its foot, and also to assist when the vet amputated the eagle’s wing. One of our more fun activities included helping Mrs Roode organise painting classes for the cheetah cubs. The resulting paw print paintings show a lot of artistic promise.

HESC Students at Blyde River Canyon

HESC Students at the waterfall at Blyde River Canyon

Our trip to the Blyde River Canyon was a lot of fun, and included a boat trip and a walk to a beautiful waterfall. On Tuesday we handed over a new school bus to the Paulos Ngobeni primary School. The kids were all extremely grateful, and will be using the vehicle – which was generously donated by G&H Transport – to transport them on their various field trips.

Finally, we had our first school group visit this week. It was a lot of fun interacting with the learners, and next week it will be our turn to lead a group all by ourselves. All in all it’s been an enjoyable first week at HESC, and we look forward to our remaining time here. Watch this space. Visit our Facebook or Flikr albums to see what we’ve been up to.

Greeting from Africa