Baby Bushbuck is brought to HESC – News from our Animal Hospital

On Friday 28th September, we got a call to assist with a baby bushbuck that had been found wandering on his own. He had been following workers aimlessly around a construction site, obviously lost and separated from his mother.

Baby Bushbuck arrives at HESC

Of course we agreed for him to be brought into our care at HESC.
When he arrived, we realised just how young the little guy was, approximately one month old. He was very shaken up and confused. Once he had settled we tried to give him some milk, but he would not take it from a bottle, but rather from a bowl. As long as he is feeding, that is all that matters to us.
Waiting for his milk

Baby bushbuck drinking milk

Although he is feeding from a bowl, he constantly looks for a teat to suckle when sitting next to him. It is heartbreaking, knowing how much he must miss his mother, and how scary it must seem in such a new environment. But he has settled nicely over the weekend, as he has learned that he can trust us.

One of the challenges we are facing with him, is that he struggles to urinate and defecate, so the curators are having to stimulate him, for him to do either. But other than that, he seems well and healthy.
We will keep you up to day with his progress.
Yours in Conservation,
The HESC Team