Being an #EarthWarrior @ HESC

The Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre’s (HESC) main focus is fighting the battles for those who can not fight at all, like the animals. Human evolution and the evolution of technology has pushed our specie to an even further height on the food chain, with immense consequences. Not forgetting that the planet also aches under our reign, HESC is adamant to be #EarthWarriors.
#EarthWarriors look after animals, their communities and even the planet:
HESC helps rehabilitate, conserve and protect the endangered species of our country. They will look after these rare and endangered species so that the numbers can be increased and more importantly, reach their goal of releasing them back in to the wild.
All species are fed at the centre. This includes the popular cheetah to the smallest of animals. The vultures in the vulture restaurant is a treat to watch as well as the two Southern Ground Hornbills, who can not make up their minds about each other. HESC even has their own grey duiker that travel in the centre.
HESC aims to keep their animals both fed and happy. How do they do it?
“We go through about 6 tons of meat a month to keep the animals fed and well cared for. The cheetahs’ food are supplemented in order to ensure the essential vitamins and minerals to keep them fit and healthy. The HESC carnivores get the best of treatments.” This does not mean that anyone is forgetting about the browsers and the grazers. There are eleven rhinos that are kept and protected within the centre as well as a baby elephant, Shawu. Other animals at the centre include the Sable antelope, zebras and even Lammie.
Over the years HESC has successfully released many endangered animals like our wild dogs, caracal, and most importantly, the cheetah.
Investing in the future, HESC wants all future generations to experience these animals first hand and not in books. Every animal is the bigger picture of an underlying ecosystem and with each death, this ecosystem is severely compromised and will crumble without careful intervention.
HESC also takes pride in enlightening of the community about conserving and protecting all species. Their hope is that word will get out to all corners of the country and make people realise that these animals are worth protecting.
HESC and HESC’ies
This programme gives an opportunity for schools around the communities of Acornhoek to Hoedspruit to part-take in establishing an environmentally literate generation. This involves the children in the HESC’s endeavours to ‘Ensure our Tomorrow’. The learners will learn about nature, get experience in being a conservationist and have fun. At the end of the day, HESC aims to equip every HESCie to be a conservationist and have the necessary skills and attitude to be respected leaders.
Visual aids such as the ecological pyramid are used to demonstrate the environment and the Lente Roode Environmental Centre has stuffed animals that the learners can see.
The goal of each lesson is to raise awareness about nature and the animals in the centre.
It is believed that this foundation will  encourage the next generation to pay more attention to the small things in life as they are as important, if not more, as the big.
HESC Recycles.
HESC prides it self that it contributes to the environment by recycling. Examples are the bins  at the Nungu Student camp where garbage are sorted in the following groups: glass, paper, plastic and metals and then collected once a month.
HESC uses solar panels as energy source at their eco friendly Khulas Cottage as solar energy is clean, pure energy from the sun.
Be an #EarthWarrior and help plant the necessary seed to sprout a future filled with ambition.
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