Blog update: 1 April 2014 – 14 April 2014

We were 3 volunteers during these 2 weeks. Ingrid, Sabrina and Raphael.  On our first afternoon we went on a game drive as well as a drive through the Centre and saw many beautiful animals; this will be great.
On our first full day, we face reality the hard way.  We were part of an anti-rabies vaccination project (all done by volunteers, including veterinarians).  We went into small villages in the rural area and offered to vaccinate all the dogs and cats against rabies.  However, these were not your cuddly pets; the dogs were snarling and tried to bite!  An exhausting day but very satisfying!
We have also been able to monitor nyala, cheetah and rhino darting, in order to treat various injuries.  We also took 3 black footed cats to the vet for testing.  Very feisty little creatures.  We have been feeding all the various animals in the Centre (small cats, birds, cheetah, lion etc.). But in order to feed them you also prepare their food!  We’ve spent time in the butchery preparing the meat with supplements.
We’ve also been relocating cheetahs to new enclosures.  We put them into a crate and carried them.  One Saturday afternoon we did a boat trip on the Blyde River Canyon and saw hippos.
We are looking forward to the last week!