Bokkie Bok Junior is growing!

In February, our curators came across a baby duiker in the grip of a Tawney eagle. Fortunately the eagle dropped the tiny antelope, and the team “swooped” in to the rescue.
Although taking the bottle was a struggle initially, thankfully this little one has now become fully (and enthusiastically) accustomed to it. The young duiker now consumes 45ml of milk, five times a day. At first each feed would take about an hour or more, but now the process is over within minutes! Hungry baby.
On the 3rd of April, curator Linri Janse van Resburg weighed the tiny little calf, and recorded a staggering 1.6kg!
We hope this baby will continue to grow into a strapping young buck – just like our Bokkie Bok Bok.

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  1. Lori

    This baby survived for a reason and now HESC will give this baby the best chance to survive and grow into a healthy adult. Great job HESC.

  2. Jennifer Rudner

    Such a sweet baby girl! Wishing her a long and peaceful life in the wild (or at least in semi-wild).

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