Bullet’s visit to the vet – 19 July 2016

Dr Steinmann begins clinical examination
On 19th July, we took Bullet to ProVet Wildlife Services, in Hoedspruit, for his vaccination and general examination. Dr Liesel Steinmann was the vet on call, and attended to the puppy. We are pleased that at just 11 weeks old, Bullet weighs a good 4.9kg; a steady increase from the 3.5kg he weighed on the 4th of July.
Bullet and his handler, Corlet Grobler, about to see the vet
Checking heartbeat and breathing
On arrival, Bullet received a full clinical examination which was followed by a deworming tablet and a ‘scrub’ of his ears.
Bullet's ears being cleaned
This was Bullet’s second trip to the vet for the ‘5-in-1 vaccines’. These vaccines are very important for puppies as they help to protect them against canine distemper, adenovirus type 2, parainfluenza and parvovirus. Adenovirus type 2 is especially dangerous as it contains two strains of the virus, type 1 and type 2.
Bullet gets first vaccine of the '5 in 1' as Corlet Grobler, his handler, provides security
His next visit to the vet will be in a month’s time for the last ‘5-in-1 vaccines’, and his first shots against rabies.
The little puppy was well-behaved and cooperative throughout his examination.
Proud parents, we are!
The visit to the vet is done

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  1. MOULIN Martine

    Trop mignon.
    Bonne santé et beaucoup de bonheur. Merci à la jeune femme qui s’occupe de lui avec beaucoup de tendresse.
    Martine MOULIN (Paris, France)
    So cute.
    Good health and much happiness . Thank you to the lady who takes care of him with great tenderness.

  2. Sharon

    Such a handsome fellow! Bullet will be the rhinos’ stalwart protector and friend! Keep safe, buddy!

  3. Shaun

    Hi, I would love to get myself a Belgian Malinois , do you perhaps know of any registered breeders ? Thanks in advance and best regards.

    1. HESC

      Hi Shaun,
      We got Bullet from a breeding place called Carogan Kennels in Pretoria.

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