Caesar is treated for Arthritis

IMG-20150917-WA0004Dr Rogers paid a visit to The Centre on the 17th of September to treat Caesar, our old male lion, for arthritis. Caesar is now well into his retirement years, and as such is afflicted with the debilitating condition, but he has been receiving treated on a regular basis to make sure the effects are minimal.IMG-20150917-WA0008

As is the standard procedure, the big male lion was first darted to bring him to a state of unconsciousness. He was then given the usual mix of painkillers and Cortisone for the pain, and an appetite stimulant to keep him eating regularly.

The effects of the treatment are seen almost immediately when he wakes up again, as he definitely moves with greater ease, and seems more active and happier.IMG-20150917-WA0006

We will continue to do what we need to to ensure that his twilight years are spent in as much comfort as possible. He deserves it!IMG-20150917-WA0009