Cheetah Cubs moved to créche

The cubs that were born at the Centre in May are nearly seven months old, and we’ve established their gender. Rosalina had three males and one female, Thea had three females, Meg had three males, Salome had three males and Lana had two males and two females.

The cubs have been moved to the creche as they are now at a crucial stage of growth, and need all the calcium, vitamins and minerals they can get. The creche allows the curators easy access to the cubs, and the cubs can be fed individually, as well as receive the special attention they need. If the cubs are left to stay with their mothers, it is possible that they would not get enough meat and may end up malnourished.

The creche is also a place where the cubs can bond and get to know each other, allowing them to form their own groups. They will remain in the creche for about three months.

We have three camps, 290 square meters in size, each of which house between five and seven cubs.