Cheetah, Mary Jane becomes a mom to six cubs

Cheetah mom & cubs at HESC
Life hasn’t always been easy for female cheetah Mary Jane. We are thus very happy to announce the successful recent birth of six healthy cheetah cubs to this first-time mother!
Sired by male cheetah, Tristan, the cubs were born on the 22nd of June 2016. It is still too early to tell the sex of the cubs, as we try to ensure that there’s very little human contact in the first few months after birth.
Cheetah mom & cubs at HESC
Things could have worked out very differently for Mary Jane. In September 2012, at just four months old, she fell out of a tree while playing with her siblings, injuring her left hind leg badly. The torn muscles, ligaments and fracture had to be fixed during surgery. Her recovery process took a long time, and she needed even more surgery.
Cheetah mom & cubs at HESC
Because of her injuries, Mary Jane, unlike her siblings, was never destined for release into the wild.
Cheetah mom & cubs at HESC
Today, despite her long journey to recovery, Mary Jane displays no sign of ever having had a serious injury – something that makes us very proud. She was moved into an enclosure as part of the cheetah-breeding program, where she could mate with Tristan.
Cheetah mom & cubs at HESC Cheetah mom & cubs at HESC
As her time to give birth neared, she was moved into the maternity ward – an area that’s prepared especially for receiving newborn cubs.
We are thrilled to have new life at the centre. Mother and cubs are all doing great!
Cheetah mom & cubs at HESC
Watch this video clip of Mary Jane and her cubs:

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  1. Bernie

    Very nice cheetah family 😉

  2. Ingrid Olmesdahl

    What an inspiring mother!!! How can I adopt one of the cubs?

  3. Fran

    So happy for all of you,this is so awesome. So rewarding for all you do,luv you guys!!!
    I first found you on
    I watched & watched everyday while Salome was awaiting her cubs. Luved all of that,then there they were,beautiful!!! I hope they are all doing great.
    At that time it was said that we would be told when the next one would happen so we could see that to but we never heard anything. How /where can we see more births?
    Thanks for all you do for al our animals

    1. HESC

      Hi Fran,
      Africam is in charge of the cameras. At the moment we are in discussions on new angles, and we will inform our audience once there’s anything to look out for.

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