Could Skewy the southern ground hornbill be preparing a nest?


We are so grateful to report back on the help we got from the Hoedspruit Airforce Base to elevate the nest for our two southern ground hornbills, Gumpie & Skewy.

This has had an extremely positive impact on Skewy, as she has been found inside of her nest more often than out of it. We are assuming that she may be preparing her nest to lay eggs. This is supported by the feedback received from our fellow guides that when they stop near the enclosure on tours, Skewy starts to make a noise, fluffing up her feathers to try and make herself look bigger. Our guides will never outstay their welcome, so they are now getting out of their vehicles at the enclosure so as not to cause any undue stress on Skewy.

There is excitement and hopeful anticipation in the air…