Days of our feathers: Season 1

Picture taken by Erika Dirksen

We have some Spotted Eagle Owls in one of the large aviaries here at the Centre. They’re busy breeding at the moment, which means love is in the air.

And as with all good love stories, there is a handsome hunk close by trying to seduce the lovely lady away from her hubby.

For about three days we noticed that a wild Spotted Eagle Owl was roosting on the roof of the aviary.

This mysterious fellow impressed our female with his charm and wit, and their love for one another quickly grew. Unfortunately the fence kept the ‘love birds’ from flying off together into the sunset. They tried to keep their “long-distance” relationship going, but in the end Romeo couldn’t take the heartache anymore and left.

We haven’t seen him since, although we continue to keep an expectant eye on the aviary. After all, they say true love never dies.

Stay tuned for the next exciting episode of “[insert your choice of music here]” Days of our feathers!

A HESC production.

By Erika Dirksen – Field Guide at HESC 😉