Did you know… elephant ears

Did you know?:
The ears of an elephant have a very important role of regulating temperature; by flapping their ears they are able to cool themselves down. They also use their ears to make themselves look more threatening when faced with danger. This is achieved by spreading them wide and increasing the appearance of the frontal area to make themselves look bigger.
That is not the only captivating fact about the elephant ear: It is said that the ear of an elephant is its infrasound for long-range communication. Katherine Payne discovered elephants using infrasound communication from a hunch she had while observing them in the Washington Park Zoo. Subsequent studies took place in Zimbabwe, Namibia and Kenya and it was found that communication far beyond human-hearing capabilities are used.
Studies have proven that elephants can communicate over great distances, many times being warned about an impending danger long before its arrival.
Check out this link to compare your hearing abilities to that of an elephant:
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