Dingle Dell's Five Year Journey at HESC, since her arrival in September 2018.

Looking at Dingle Dell today, it is hard to imagine the gruesome sight we first witnessed five years ago, when both she and Lion’s Den arrived at our centre, in September 2013.

Dingle Dell, strong and healthy after five years at HESC

She endured and survived a heinous attack by rhino poachers, who had sawn her horn off and left her to die. Luckily she was found in time, and brought to us at HESC to treat her and rehabilitate her, together with Lion’s Den.
Dingle Dell during one of her many treatments.

It would be a tough few months to follow, with numerous procedures to try treat her gaping wound exposing her naval cavity. Fortunately, Dingle Dell’s wound healed quite easily, however Lion’s Den’s took considerably longer.
Although completely healed, it is clear that the trauma that Dingle Dell endured is still there. Though they have become a little bit more trusting of a few of our staff, they remain very weary of majority of humans, and for very good reason.
Lions Den and Dingle Dell three years after their arrival at HESC

Dingle Dell has an incredible connection and close relationship with Lion’s Den. They are literally inseparable. Currently they share a piece of land with Gertjie and Matimba, and they all seem to respect and enjoy each others company there.

Luckily we were able to step in and save Dingle Dell’s life, but sadly, the majority of the poor, harmless victims of rhino poaching don’t get a second chance.
It is our duty and our utmost priority to keep Dingle Dell as safe as possible, to ensure they never go through any thing like that again in their lives, and only know safety and a place of trust and peace.

Dingle Dell, strong and healthy in 2018, five years since her attack.

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