Saturday the 31st of March saw the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre going all out – not only did we educate people on the importance of saving and protecting endangered animals, but also on the importance of sustainable living.
Handing out information, chatting to guests and staff and spreading the word was the order of the day. Each guest who visited the Centre received information on Earth Hour and its importance.
To celebrate and highlight Earth Hour, we initially planned a “sleep-out” in the middle of the bush, under the stars – with nothing but a fire, and each other for company. We were really excited about the idea of spending Earth Hour in complete darkness.

HESC Students get together for Earth Hour

The day crept by and as the evening drawing closer, the rain clouds started rolling in and the wind started howling. The idea of being out in the open soon lost its appeal, and we decided to change our plans and do something else for Earth Hour. Teaming up with the students that are currently at the Centre, we decided to spend Earth Hour indoors by candlelight, preparing “Boerewors Rolls” on the gas stove instead of a fire.
We will continue to reuse, recycle and sustain, as it is up to us to make a difference. Earth Hour isn’t about switching off the lights for one hour, on one night a year – it is about awareness, and making changes in our everyday lives…
60 minutes…