Esme, an orphaned rhino that humans, dogs and lambs have fallen in love with.

Esme, the youngest rhino in our care, currently, arrived at HESC in October 2017. She weighed a mere 50kgs at only a month old. She was a resident on a nearby game farm and although suckling from her mother, grew increasingly thinner.

Esme arrived emaciated, and close to death

The team at HESC was contacted to help and soon baby Esme was on her on a road to recovery, from the time she set her hooves on HESC soil.
Lente Roode with Dr Rogers, checking in on her as she arrived

Esme settled in quickly, taking her first bottle of milk on her first night in her new home and she doubled her weight by December 2017. It was clear her mother’s milk was not giving her the nutrients she desperately needed to survive. 
Despite the healthy growth stats, Esme had developed a skin condition which resulted from dehydration and she needed regular creaming by the curators. Dr Rogers made her some little booties for her feet, to help protect the skin that was so sensitive. Thankfully, this passed with time, and lots of daily love and treatment. 
Esme getting creamed every day

Esme was soon introduced to her companion David, an Anatolian Shepherd dog and the two soon became inseparable, and well known far and wide. Mrs Roode did the introduction, together with Linri, our head curator. 
Lente Roode doing the introduction of David to Esme

Esme and David meet and hit it off!

As a growing rhino, Esme is rather clumsy and in June this year, she accidentally stood on David’s paw. He took a time out but was soon reunited with his friend. 

Linri feeding Esme with David

A short while later, Esme was introduced to Millie, the pedi lamb, which are well known for their loving acceptance of any animal breed (well most) and a magical friendship blossomed. Though it did take some time for Millie to adapt to Esme’s size. But all of that is in the past now, as they are great companions. 

Nearly a year since Esme’s arrival, and she is now officially too big for our scale to hold her weight, and it won’t be long until she will be fully weaned, which should be in April 2019, and she will the no doubt join some of the other young orphaned rhinos. Her days spent with David and Millie, wandering around the centre, and the surrounding grounds. 

Esme has gone from strength to strength and holds a special place in all our hearts.
A huge thank you to those that have supported Esme and the other rhino’s at HESC, over the past year(s).
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The HESC Team.