Fascinating creatures: A closer look at termites


I came across this termite to be mound. Right in the middle of the road, or middle of the track, therefore not giving the mound much of a hope with vehicles crisscrossing frequently. Nevertheless I took some time to watch and absorb the termites working. Trillions of little organisms in their own world and I thought of sharing the DVD clips as well as some interesting fact about the termites, because of men are only aware of the damage they can cause on our homes.

Termites live in colonies consisting of reproductive males and females, workers, soldiers and nymphs (semi-mature young). Because the workers and soldiers operate in the dark they are completely blind! The mounds were the termites resides are extremely strong and stable structures made of mud, soil, digested wood, feces and saliva. While the workers are building and maintaining the mounds, the soldiers are in charge of protecting the mound. You can clearly see on the clip how hard they work! They look like ants but more related to a cockroach.

The termite is valuable to the ecology as they decompose (eliminate) huge amounts of decaying plant material. They are prey of anteaters, aardvark, pangolin and birds like the ground hornbill