February Students – Final Update

Michael and Cameron feedIng the Wild Dogs
Michael and Cameron feedIng the Wild Dogs

Since introducing them on the 7th, our intrepid students have been so busy that they’ve barely had time to sleep and eat, let along write interim blog updates! Their two weeks with us have come to an end, but it sounds like they’ve had a bunch of fun!


We’ve been here for nearly two weeks and we’ve seen and done so much during that time.  We’ve prepared food for the big cats and the Centre’s smaller residents, which include an array of interesting animals such as genets, hornbills, owls, eagles, African wild cats and Black-footed cats.

Lion in the Kapama Nature Reserve
Lion in the Kapama Nature Reserve

There are so many cheetahs here, including two King cheetahs, so we are never short on things to do.  We’ve cleaned water, fed vultures, and educated learners from Paulos Ngobeni primary school on the adaptations of cheetahs for speed.  In our time off we have been on three game drives, including one to the Kruger National Park, where we were lucky enough to see four of the Big 5. Unfortunately the elusive leopard remained just that. We also saw Wild dogs, giraffe, hippo, a hyena that had caught a baboon, and lots more besides.

Cameron at Camp Jabulani

We had the opportunity to go on an Elephant Back Safari at Camp Jabulani, which was truly amazing. We visited the Khamai Reptile Centre and came face to face with dangerous reptiles from not only South Africa, but around the world.  We spent an afternoon learning survival skills of the African bush, until we got bogged, but that’s all part of the adventure.

On top of everything mentioned above, while  sitting around in camp we’ve seen giraffe, wildebeest, warthog, impala, and duiker. Two nights ago three lions even wandered past! Every night we sit around the fire listening to lions roaring in the distance, and some nights while lying in bed, we can hear bush babies playing on the roof.  All we have experienced and seen in the last two weeks has resulted in a truly memorable adventure.

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Greetings from Africa,
Cameron & Michael