February Students – Final Update


Amanda and Maaike off to the Vulture Restaurant


The past few days have been amazing. We took Khula (cheetah) on a walk, and he very nearly caught a young warthog! After feeding and watering some of the animals, we were allowed into Toffee’s (cheetah) enclosure with her.

It was awesome. We got some brilliant photos and a nice audio of her purring. Then we went to visit the cheetah cubs again. They were very playful, which made the experience even more special. And finally, we got to pick up Eddie the caracal and give him a cuddle.

Yesterday we went to Echo Caves, and it was really beautiful inside. We were supposed to go and see Bourkes Luck Potholes and God’s Window afterwards, but a sudden thunderstorm put a stop to our plans.

Last night we were told that we’d be transporting a blue crane to a new home, but ended up going to Camp Jabulani for an Elephant Safari instead. We’d originally been told that the trip had been cancelled, but this was obviously to make the surprise that much more enjoyable. It certainly worked, especially as Maaike and I rode in the front of the herd on Jabulani.

I have enjoyed my last day here, and had an amazing time during the past three weeks. I really hope I can come back again one day.


Here we are writing our last blog update. Amanda is leaving this afternoon, and I’ll be on my way tomorrow. It’s sad. But what an incredible time have we had here! I have so much more to tell than just the few things I mentioned in the blog updates.

This past weekend we took a cheetah for a walk on the airstrip, and witnessed him almost catching a warthog. How amazing is that? We’ve cuddled with Toffee the cheetah, had fun with the cheetah cubs, and held Eddie the caracal.

We crawled through caves, saw beautiful scenery in the blazing sun, and got soaked by an African thunderstorm. All in the same day. And as if that wasn’t enough, we went on an Elephant Back Safari at Camp Jabulani!

I’ve gathered a ton of photos, stories and memories, and plan on bragging about my trip to all and sundry when I get home. I’ve had an amazing time here, and I’d like to thank everybody at HESC for all the fun, help and the good times!

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