Female cheetah, Salome, is examined


We noticed that Salome, one of our female cheetahs, had not been eating. As usual, we called upon Dr Rogers to come and examine her on 25 August.

20170826_113429 20170826_115213

He darted Salome and drew blood that could be tested to see what could be the cause for her lack of appetite. Once done, the cat was transported to the hospital where she received two drips for rehydration and electrolytes. She was then moved into a holding enclosure for close observation and given an antidote and after a few minutes was up and alert.

20170826_115039 20170826_113301

We were fortunate in that the results were received very quickly. All is well with Salome, but she will be kept under observation for a few more days to ensure there isn’t a relapse.