Gray's Creek Elementary School – USA on African Safari

Regular followers of HESC‘s blogs will know that Paulos Ngobeni Primary School has been engaged in educational Skype exchanges with Gray’s Creek Elementary School in the USA. The exchange involves an exchange of information regarding African and American wildlife, through interaction. Anita Fourie from Gray’s Creek Elementary School in the USA, recently sent us a follow up of what the learners have been doing in their USA on African Safari week.

The class of 21 learners was given a write-up on 23 different African animals. Each learner then had to choose an animal as their theme – e.g. a zebra, lion etc., and create their “African Safari Kit” comprising of a safari hat and a pair of binoculars using that theme. As you can see from the photos, the learners jumped into their tasks with great enthusiasm. The results were highly creative, and the students had a lot of fun!