HESC conducts leopard DNA profiling


DNA profiling is an integral part of our conservation efforts that focus on the conservation of rare, vulnerable and endangered animal species. To this end we performed DNA profiles on two of the leopards in our custody on Thursday, 1st June. This is also a requirement by the Environmental Affairs so they can control the illegal trade of this species.

Our vet, Dr Peter Rogers and his assistant, Janelle Genis, handled the entire process. As required by law, Lyle Wiggens from Environmental Affairs was also present to observe and ensure that the process was legitimate.

HESC-Leopard-DNA-1-June-17-30 HESC-Leopard-DNA-1-June-17-31

Dr Rogers darted the two leopards and once the anaesthesia kicked in, the leopards were scanned above their tails for microchips containing identification information. Blood and hair samples were collected, and an oral and anal swab done.

HESC-Leopard-DNA-1-June-17-46 HESC-Leopard-DNA-1-June-17-124 HESC-Leopard-DNA-1-June-17-52-2

A full side profile was done on both sides of each leopard and images were also taken of both sides of the tail.

HESC-Leopard-DNA-1-June-17-87 HESC-Leopard-DNA-1-June-17-102

The entire process took about 60 minutes. An antidote was administered, and the leopards were back on their feet. We are pleased to report that all of our required DNA profiling on all our animals is now complete.